Norm Breyfogle, comic art maestro known for his work on DC's 
"Batman," gave the characters of "The .40 Caliber Mousehunt" 
visual life.
   Born Feb. 27, 1960, Norm is a quadruple Pisces and a child of the 
‘60s. His family moved around a lot when he was a child and books, 
movies, and graphic storytelling became his most constant 
companions and friends. 
 At age 12, Norm began taking private art lessons with commerical 
artist Andrew Benson in Carpentersville, Ill., and after a year of this 
Norm decided he wanted to become a professinal artist instead of 
following up on his other interests at the time: philosophy and 
Norm’s family moved to Michigan in 1974, and after graduating
High School in Houghton he majored in Illustration at Northern
Michigan University (1978 - 1982), and moved to Santa Maria,
California in 1982. Norm then began sending samples of his work to
comic book companies and attending comic book conventions while
working as a drafter and technical illustrator at various California
industrial facilities.
The artist rep agency Star Reach began representing him and soon
Norm was drawing comics professionally, starting on First Comics’
"Whisper" and then moving to DC Comics where he lent his talents
to many DC characters, most notably "Batman."
Artist Norm Breyfogle
   Since then Norm has worked for most comics companies at one time or another, along the way co-creating 
"Prime" for Malibu Comics and creating "Metaphysique" for Malibu’s Bravura Line of creator-owned comics.
   In addition to being a visual artist, Norm writes articles, poetry, and is working on a novel. He resides in Upper 
Michigan, where he can be reached via his Web site through which he works on commissions for his fans and 
sells his original comic art pages.
   Recently, Norm illustrated"The Danger’s Dozen" for the Bermuda-based company A First Salvo.
   Stephen Pytak, Becki White and Angela Guldin all contributed to 
the development of The .40 Caliber Mouse symbol. 
   Stephen designed it, drawing free hand with pencil. 
   He hired Angela to redraw it and make it look smooth and 
   Becki added the circle. 
   Then Stephen added the red eye. 
   The logo is owned by Stephen Pytak. He registered it with the 
United States Copyright Office and The United States Patent and 
Trademark Office. After a year of work, he received that registered
trademark in September 2008. 
   The symbol appears not only in our books and Web sites, but
T-shirts and varsity jackets we have for sale in our CATALOG. 
The .40 Caliber Mouse logo (a.k.a. Lucky the Vicious) Copyright 2004-2008 by Stephen Pytak. ® 2008 by Stephen Pytak.