ART WORK: All artwork, including "Lucky the Vicious,"  designed by Stephen Pytak.  All but one of the
     drawings on this site were drawn by Norm Breyfogle. "Mazz" was drawn by David Hartranft.
     The "Lucky the Vicious" crest was drawn by Angela Guldin.
CLOTHING: The "Lucky the Vicious" crest T-shirts were designed by Stephen Pytak and printed by 
     Mystic Screen Printing & Embroidery, Pottsville, Pa.
SPECIAL THANKS: There are many people and  organizations we'd like to  thank for their 
     contributions to this project. They include: 

Suzie Bendinsky
Black Tape for a Blue Girl
Norm Breyfogle
Dante at The Black Cat, Washington D.C.
Jacqueline Dormer
Brandy Grubbs
Lauren Hutton
Danette Reidler, the MAZZ PRESS roadie
Victoria Vaughn
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The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of State Corporation Bureau, Harrisburg, Pa., gave Stephen Pytak permission to use the fictitious name, "Mazz Press," in May 2008.