Stephen Pytak is a journalist, a novelist, a screenwriter and a 
   His novels and short films focus on the thrilling adventures of a
low-rent mercenary known as The .40 Caliber Mouse.
   Born in West Mahanoy Township, Pa., Stephen graduated from 
Shenandoah Valley Jr./Sr. High School in Shenandoah, Pa. in 1988. 
In 1992, he earned a bachelor's degree in journalism from Point 
Park College, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
   Since then, he's worked full-time as a staff writer for newspapers. 
   Stephen is a life-long fan of novels, comic books and films 
representing numerous genres. His favorite novel is 
“The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter” by Carson McCullers. His favorite 
films include John Carpenter's “Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)” 
and “Manhunter (1986),” directed by Michael Mann. He's a fan of
“Love and Rockets,” an alternative comic book, in particular the 
stories in that series written by Jaime Hernandez.
   Stephen started writing fiction and making short films in high 
school. He started writing novels in 1999. 
   His first book is an action thriller called The .40 Caliber Mouse. 
It's a death-wish story which pulls readers into a world where vengeance 
is user-friendly. Since then, he's crafted an epic story for its heroine, the
troubled "Corinn Michaels" who is determined to battle her demons with 
hails of bullets.
  Her adventures continue in The .40 Caliber Mousehunt. At the end of 
book two, she moves to Columbus, Ohio. So Stephen worked to create a 
world of characters there for her to interact with.
  The city is featured in three of Stephen's novels: his third book, The Wild 
Damned, his fourth, Katerina Blues, and book five, Damned If I Do. Another 
of the primary characters in the series, “Stacia Rose,” an urban explorer, 
has strong ties to Columbus. 
Those novels include scenes which take place in well-known sections of the city, like the shopping district in the Short North. It's where “Stacia” got her rose tattoo. Many characters go to the area to visit a coffee shop and book store called “Grounds of Insanity.” And a musician named “Basil” enjoys performing there.
Photo by Becki White

Stephen Pytak -- author, journalist, photographer, filmmaker.

  In 2008, Stephen started his independent publishing house, Mazz Press. It gave him the freedom to publish his books his way, and
to branch out. Since then, he's produced music and short films to promote his novels.
   Stephen started making films related to the characters in his novels in 2010. Most take place following the events of book three,
The Wild Damned.  They include With Love (2011), Angel 116 (2011) and Shooting Stars (2011). They feature scenes which are in book
five, Damned If I Do.
   In February 2016, he released his latest film, Two Twenty-Four. And it's on YouTube for the public to view.
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